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We are a maid agency in Singapore that provides domestic helpers who are carefully interviewed and handpicked for our Clients. We are more than just a one-stop only maid agency and provide extensive services and support for each unique household.

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Absolutely committed to help You

Our cohort of specially selected domestic helpers shall receive progressive training to become Your trusted helper. We are dedicated to our Clients through a workforce groomed with time to provide professional domestic care services.

Supersis Care is founded by 3 sisters with a passion to make a difference in the supply and provision of domestic care services to homes in Singapore.

Our Services

Domestic Maids

Experienced domestic maids from Myanmar with working experience in Singapore.

Domestic Caregivers

Experienced caregivers from Myanmar with working experience in Singapore as caregivers.

Training / Development

We partner with credible organisations to train and develop our domestic helpers.

Maid Services

  • Infant Care
  • Childcare
  • Eldercare
  • Domestic Housekeeping

Caregiving Services

  • Nursing Aid
  • Specialised Care
  • Care of Disabled
  • Health Care Assist


  • Apply Work Permit
  • Medical Checkup
  • Buy Insurance & Security Bond
  • Bank Account Opening


  • Recognised Certifications
  • Curated Learning
  • Online Coaching
  • Study Loan

What Our Clients Say About Us

You have been really patient and thorough in search for our caregiver. Thank you for going the extra miles and for the amazing service!

Mdm Tan

Very proactive and responsive! Truly felt an ungraded service experience!

Mr Ng

I've spent months looking for a maid but you managed to nail the right fit through careful recommendations. Thanks for making the hiring journey easy!

Mrs Yip

Your Trusted Care Helper

Why Choose Us?

Hiring a domestic helper is never an easy process. We shall handhold You throughout the entire hiring process. We pay attention to what You need and shall focus our efforts to carefully hand-pick and recommend the best fits from our cohort of domestic helpers. Securing the right match is our specialisation as well as our commitment to all Clients.

Our services do not end upon deployment of Your selected domestic helper, as we endeavour to regularly monitor the performance of our domestic helpers. We shall support Your concerns post deployment and assist whenever we can. We aspire to help our domestic helpers upgrade their skillsets and thrive on the job, through a series of curated training programme.

Simply let us partner with You in the entire hiring process!

What are the MOM requirements to hire a domestic helper?

To hire a migrant domestic helper, You will need to apply for a work permit.

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There are various other requirements with regards to the onboarding (e.g., temporary work permit application, purchase security bonds, medical insurance, SIP etc.) of the migrant domestic helper.

As a licenced MDW-placing Employment Agency, and as part of our full suite of services – Click Here to See More, we can help You perform all the necessary hiring procedures so that You can check all the boxes!

Why should I hire through a maid agency?

As the domestic helper will be staying with You and Your household, it is important to carefully select and hire only from trusted and reliable sources.

As a licenced maid agency in Singapore, we understand the complex requirements of the Regulators and offer services to match You with a qualified domestic helper, whilst upholding the high standards expected by the MOM.
Our cohort of domestic helpers are trained by recognised training centers and we only pre-select those with high performance and good working attitude before we match and recommend to our Clients.
We have domestic helpers who are experienced with good employment records in Singapore and are ready for transfer.

Let us help you through your hiring needs today!

What is the employment process?

On top of trying to choose and find someone who fits Your domestic hiring needs, the employment process can be very administrative. There are various paperwork involved in the process and the timeline to onboard Your domestic helper needs to be carefully managed.

You can be assured of a much hassle-free experience as we ease you through the end-to-end employment process. Take a look at our service roadmap! View More

What are the MOM rules and regulations?

As an Employer of a migrant domestic worker (MDW), You will need to be aware of Your roles and responsibilities under various regulations in Singapore.

On regulations concerning the employment of MDW:
– Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA)
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On general and related regulations:
– Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)
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– Tripartite Guidelines for Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP) & Fair Consideration Framework
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– Prevention of Human Trafficking Act
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What are the mandatory security bond and insurance coverage requirements for a domestic helper?

As required by the MOM, employer of a migrant domestic worker (MDW) in Singapore needs to purchase:

– Medical insurance with a coverage of at least S$15,000 per year for hospitalisation and day surgery
– Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) with a sum assured of at least S$60,000 per year
– A security bond worth S$5,000 for non-Malaysian domestic worker

As part of our full suite of services, we shall assist with the purchase of the security bond and insurance coverage for Your selected domestic helper, after discussing and agreeing with You.

Will there be follow ups by maid agencies?

As a mandatory requirement under the new licensing conditions for employment agencies in Singapore, maid agencies must conduct post-placement checks on migrant domestic helpers within 3 months of them joining the household.

Maid agencies should proactively solicit Employers’ feedback to monitor and raise service standards.

Our post deployment follow ups services include the necessary checks as required by the MOM. Further to that, we endeavour to help employers monitor the progress of their domestic helpers and play a supportive role to progressively train and upgrade their skillsets.

We focus on the welfare of both the Employer and the Domestic Helper.
We take every effort to make each placement a success!

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